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Are You an Achorian?
Posted:  June 18, 2010

Valley of Achor
During the Great Tribulation the Church will be protected in the wilderness Revelation 12:14. When Jesus Christ returns the righteous will walk along the river of living water to Jerusalem, Zechariah 14:5, where they will be raptured into the clouds 1 Thessalonians 4:17.

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A Place of Safety will be prepared by God in the valley of Achor Isaiah 65:10, Hosea 2:15. It is a few miles east of Jerusalem in the wilderness area Jesus Christ fasted for forty days Mark 1:13. The valley of Achor lies in the watershed of the Mount of Olives and ends at the Dead Sea. The current geography would cause a river of living water described in Zechariah 14:5,8 to flow from Jerusalem through this valley. If you believe in Jesus Christ you are a Christian and if you believe in the Valley of Achor, Hosea 2:15, then you are an Achorian.

In the end times the Holy Spirit will be poured out, Acts 2:17-21, because of troubled times, Ezekiel 14:14. Daily we must seek Jesus Christ so that we stay on the path of righteousness Matthew 7:14. There has been a move away from legalism to Grace. Those that practice legalism eat the bread and grow weary of good works for they do not have Grace to wash away sin Deuteronomy 8:3. Those who follow only Grace have become drunk on forgiveness Isaiah 29:9 and practice lawlessness Matthew 7:23. Grace was given to us so that might have works and are able to walk in righteousness Titus 2:11-13.

Daily we must pray to God for forgiveness and commit to putting sin out of our lives. That sin is the breaking of the law. The reason that we receive the Holy Spirit and Grace is because it is impossible for us to be without sin without Jesus Christ's sacrifice. Love of God Mark 12:30 is more important than the Sabbath and Holy Days. Yet at the same time those who knowingly practice man made days Hosea 2:11 will not be among the first fruits Malachi 3:16-18. There is a great harvest to be reaped, John 4:35 and Jesus Christ is calling for us to eat the bread and drink the wine John 6:48-58. We will be called by a new name because the name Christian has been polluted by lawlessness, Isaiah 62:2.

The Day of Judgment is fast approaching when Jesus Christ will send His angles to Judge, Matthew 13:41. Jesus Christ gave us a parable and told us not to remove the tares (weeds) Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43. He knew that if we did we would not have a chance to become the wheat. Christ has not given up on us and as long as we seek Him He will help us. You should seek out a place to keep the Sabbath and worship God. Solomon said in the last days that he did not find one perfect church, Ecclesiastes 7:28, be the one in a thousand of righteous that he did find.

Pray for the Holy Spirit as a helper so that you may know Jesus Christ who reveals the Father. Help is available all you have to do is ask the Lord, Luke 11:13.

This is an explanation using the Bible and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
It is important to pray and ask for God's guidance and rely on what the Bible says.
Do not despise prophecies. Test all things; hold fast what is good.   1 Thessalonians 5:20-21

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